Microsoft Playwright Testing: Scalable End-to-End Testing for Modern Web Apps

By resources, we mean any element (hardware, software, and infrastructure) necessary to carry out the tests. By leveraging cloud computing services for testing, organizations can shorten the provisioning time because the cloud enables provisioning of test servers on demand. Generally, more than 80% of the validation processes are repetitive, with testers performing the same testing steps manually in each new build. Cloud testing platforms like LambdaTest allow you to perform cross browser testing at scale over an online browser farm of 3000+ browsers and operating systems.

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Test and debug your mobile apps faster on both Emulators/Simulators or online real device cloud. One must start with getting perfect clarity on test requirements. Then, search for a platform that provides a cloud-based Selenium Grid that meets these requirements.

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TestNG is used as a test runner; hence testng.xml has been created. Tests can be run by right-clicking on the file and selecting the option Run ‘…\testng.xml’. To enter the value in this field, there are two ways, either type in the valid service name in the field or open the Service Search window and select the required service.

You can set these capabilities from the LambdaTest Capabilities Generator. ServiceNow testing is performed on supported ServiceNow applications to ensure that the product is free from bugs and all the desired functionalities are working as per the business requirements. Selenium can automate various types of testing like, functional testing, regression testing, and cross-platform testing. By using Microsoft Playwright Testing service, you can increase the number of workers at cloud-scale to much bigger numbers. The worker processes orchestrated by @playwright/test continue to run locally, but the browser instances, which are resource-intensive, now run in the cloud.

Exception Handling in Selenium WebDriver

These cloud services are extremely reliable, quick, and powerful as supported by a high-end computing infra. They are scalable and cost-effective as you only use them whenever you want to. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the best cloud services which use open-source tools like Selenium for test automation, and Jenkins for continuous integration (CI) and delivery (CD). Using Grid you can build your own infrastructure, but there are many sites that provide Selenium grid services.

selenium cloud testing service

It is intended to test the changes you make to your instance and not the ServiceNow functionality. As businesses grow, there is a need to digitize the processes as manual work becomes tedious. For example, a company with 5000+ employees must digitize its IT department for different works like Asset management, IT Operations, queries related to software, managing the Software licenses, etc. After this, you need to add the following python code to your .py file. Final year student currently pursuing Bachelors of Technology in the field of Computer Science. She prefers to code in C++ and Python (with a basic knowledge of Java as well).

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Rather than investing in non-scalable test infrastructure, Selenium testing tool on the cloud could be leveraged for long-term gains. Now execute test scripts faster than any other automation testing grid on LambdaTest’s automated cloud test platform. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the global automation testing market is predicted to boom from $12.6 billion to $28.8 billion by 2024.

selenium cloud testing service

If you prefer to run tests in the cloud, you may have to pay for premium cloud-based testing services, such as Sauce Labs or BrowserStack. If you want to enhance your automation capabilities via third-party tools and libraries for continuous integration, reporting test management, etc., those could also increase your overall costs. Or is it worth using a Cloud service to test your web applications? Cloud-based Selenium testing is a cost-effective and scalable way to test your web applications. You can run tests on a variety of browsers and devices, and you don’t have to worry about managing complex on-premises setups. Cloud-based testing is also reliable and fast, so you can be confident that your software is high-quality.


I won't talk about Selenium RC which is the predecessor of Selenium WebDriver, if you would like to read about it, you can find information here. I am also skipping Selenium IDE which is a simple record and playback tool. Based on my experience it is only useful for people who are beginners in software development or in case you are not that familiar with the DOM. Selenium Grid allows the parallel selenium testing service execution of tests on different browsers and different operating systems, facilitating parallel execution. Grid is exceptionally flexible and is integrated with other suite components for simultaneous performance. features tutorials, news, and how-tos focused on topics relevant to software engineers, web developers, programmers, and product managers of development teams.

  • It is used in various industries and organizations of all sizes to ensure the quality and reliability of web applications.
  • Selenium Grid refers to a software testing setup that enables QAs to perform parallel tests across multiple browsers and devices with unique operating systems.
  • Cross browser and device testingtesting frustration is minimized.
  • Serial testing is a practice of executing tests serially, i.e. tests are executed one after another.
  • In addition to this Selenide has a profiler with which you can generate reports which include the execution time of every action in milliseconds.
  • It offers a cloud Selenium grid, using which you can automate testing ServiceNow workflows to ensure a high-quality user experience.

It accelerates the entire test execution process using parallel test execution. To achieve better scalability and faster performance, go for cross browser testing in Selenium with a cloud-based platform like LambdaTest and enjoy the fantastic outcomes. However, setting up and maintaining an in-house Selenium grid can be quite challenging, even for organizations. This is especially true when the grid has to support different combinations of browsers, devices and operating systems. Naturally, moving automated tests on a Selenium cloud lets testers get more done with much less work.

Cross Browser Testing

Using Selenium Grid you can run tests parallelly across multiple machines both virtual and physical ones. The latest version is Selenium Grid 4 which has a completely new codebase compared to its previous versions. Another interesting topic that this Selenium automation testing tutorial covers is Remote Control or RC.

selenium cloud testing service

Ensure exceptional user experience across all devices and browsers. Deliver unparalleled digital experience with our Next-Gen, AI-powered testing cloud platform. Automated Testing improves delivery timelines, reduces human error and offers the opportunity to scale up testing efforts with minimal effort. It is best to do all these with some kind of automation framework. The most popular of these frameworks is Selenium WebDriver, which provides a Selenium Grid.

Selenium WebDriver

ServiceNow, a cloud platform, provides service, operations, and business management solutions that organizations use to manage their digital workflows and streamline their business processes. Selenium is a powerful tool which can be used for various purposes. The code is easy to implement and it makes testing and automation a lot easier. BrowserStack provides an easy-to-use powerful interface which makes cloud-based testing a lot easier. Now, you are left with the final step, implementing the loop for automation.